Events calendar

Check our helpful list of FUS and School events!

Wednesday 6th September: Start of term 1

Saturday 9th September: Tour of Britain cycling through Uley 2.45pm

Saturday 23rd September: Autumn celebration from 2pm-4pm

Thursday 26th October: End of term 1

Saturday 4th November: Uley Lantern Festival

Monday 6th November: Start of term 2

Friday 22nd December: End of term 2

Monday 8th January: Start of Term 3

Friday 9th February: End of Term 3

Tuesday 20th February: Start of Term 4

Friday 22nd March: Happy 30th birthday FUS!

Friday 22nd March: End of Term 4

Monday 8th April: Start of Term 5

Monday 6th May: Mayday Bank holiday

Friday 24th May: End of Term 5

Monday 3rd June: Start of Term 6

Friday 19th July: End of Term 6

If you’d like to get involved in any of our events, we’re always looking for more helpers! Drop us an email at